Singju Festival 2022 at Marjing Polo Complex

Singju Festival 2022

The sixth edition of the 12-day-long Singju Festival 2022 will start from December 28 at Marjing Polo Complex, Heingang in Imphal East, Singju Yokhatpa Lup (SYOL) said. The SYOL said the Singju festival 2022 is being held to preserve and promote the indigenous food, culture and integrity of Manipur. The festival venue will have around … Read more

Drag Queen’s Meals on Heels is the latest craze in the US

Drag Queens Meals on Heels

Drag Queen is delivering food to their fans. The Meals on Heels is making National news in the US. Why should we fear the ugly coronavirus! The nightclub is bringing the people of San Francisco and nearby cities alive back. It is music and dance in the air. Now people can order home-cooked food and … Read more

Secrets of Feng Shui Kitchen for nourishment of foods

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui is an intuitive art. Designers and decorators claim that they feel positive energu called chi. In Feng Shui kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. It is human nature to associate food and nutrition with nurturing and sustenance. And Feng Shui is as old as 3000 years. Yet, a growing number of architects and decorators … Read more

Best Foods to Eat by Diabetes Patients During Covid

Diabetes patients food

Country with high diabetes patients is heavily attacked by Covid 19. This is not a coincidence. Doctors around the world are alerting diabetes patients to take precautions. We will discuss some foods to eat by diabetes patients. USA, Brazil, India, and Russia have more Covid 19 casualties. And these countries have the highest number of … Read more

How to Stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food

boost your immunity food

Covid 19 is pandemic. The world is fighting against Coronavirus. As per World Health Organisation instructions, we are following certain health safety. Today, we will study how to stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food. Using sanitizers to wash our hands and wearing masks along with maintaining social distancing is our bulletproof against Covid … Read more

What are singju recipes?