Koukha farming can earn Rs 2 lakh per year

Koukha farming is a sustainable business in Manipur. A Sangam of Koukha farm will give us Rs 2 lakh as profit. Koukha bora is one of the most delicious dumplings in Manipur. Not only dumplings but Koukha are also used as Kanghou or as chamfut in every Manipuri kitchen. Everyone likes Koukha and it is my favorite dumplings as well.

Arrowhead or Koukha (scientific name – Sagittaria sagittifolia) is also one of the most profitable crops in Manipur. Farmers are earning a huge income from farming Koukha.

How profitable is Koukha farming in Manipur?

A normal farmer cultivating paddy in one Sangam of field (point 62-acre area) harvests around 25-30 bags of paddy which is equivalent to Rs 20,000-25,000. If the same farmer cultivates Chakhao (black-scented rice), he will get 15-20 bags, which means Rs 30,000-40,000 annually.

Koukha farming is a profitable one, if you have swampy lands, try Arrowhead farming
Koukha plant or Arrowhead in full bloom.

However, from Koukha farming, a farmer gets around 2000 kg of Koukha per Sangam. The current market price of Koukha is Rs 100-120 per Can (1 Kg Gula Can). Thus, Koukha farming gives around Rs 2 lakhs annually which is much more profitable than Chakhao.

Koukha farmer in Manipur (Video credit – Facebook)

What do you need in Koukha farming?

One kg of Koukha is sufficient for one Sangam of field. We need to cultivate Koukha either by direct sowing or transplantation. Some farmings may grow Koukha along with paddy as intercropping. However, the best way is to cultivate farming Koukha as a separate crop, reason, we will need to apply weedicides and other herbicides in our paddy field. This is a problem for the Koukha plant.

While cultivating, the space between the plants must be at least 10 cm. The swampy field is ideal for this plant.

Arrowhead is a Kharif crop and can be cultivated during June-July and harvested after 5 to 6 months. We can harvest the crops till February when its leaf has become dry and reddish.

Nutrition value of Koukha

Koukha has rich medicinal value, leaf and the tuber of Koukha plant are used in the treatment of several skin diseases, sore throat, and digestive problems. Root decoction is taken with honey in a cough. Leaf powder is used for relief from the itch. Leaves smashed with molasses are used for sore throat and inflammation of the breast.

How to prepare Koukha bora?

You need a cup of Besan (chickpea flour), a Few pieces of Koukha as per required, 2-3 pinch of baking powder (which is optional), Turmeric powder, half a spoon of jeera, salt, chili powder, Water to make paste and Vegetable oil.

Koukha Bora
Dumplings made from Koukha are popularly known as Koukha Bora in Manipur. (pic credit – Ushakiran Laishram)

Let us prepare a batter by mixing water, besan, salt, turmeric, chive, baking soda, and spice like jeera and chili powder. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then add Koukha to the batter. Mixed the Koukha with batter so that the Koukha is covered with the batter easily. Next, heat the pan and put oil to fry. When the oil is ready to fry, put the Koukha dumplings and fry till light golden brown. Serve hot for the mouth-watering taste of Koukha bora.

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