Do you know Farming Ekai Thabi can Earn Rs 50000

Eshing Ekai Thabi

Do you know Ekai Thabi? Farmers are able to earn lots of money just by growing Ekai Thabi in wetlands. In Manipur, farming Ekai Thabi in a small pond can earn Rs 50000 per season. Water Mimosa is known as Ekai Thabi in Meeteilon. Some called it Eshing Ekai Thabi as well. Ekai Thabi is … Read more

Do You Know Meetei Singju is a Immune Booster

Meetei Singju

Singju is an exotic cuisine of Meetei. Nowadays, it is gladly accepted by the world. Meetei Singju is simple and easy-to-prepare cuisine. The ingredients are mostly homegrown. The taste of Meetei shows the rich civilization and food habits. Meetei Singju is prepared from kitchen garden herbs like Cabbage, Banana flowers, Pea leaves, Yongchak, Heibi Mana, … Read more

What are singju recipes?