Can You Identify Edible Mushroom Grown in the Wild

Uchan Karong

Mushrooms are tasty fungi. But the question is can you identify edible mushrooms grown in the wild? Some are edible but most of them are poisonous. Every year, many have lost their lives or even been hospitalized after consuming such mushrooms. If we are not 100 percent sure, don’t touch them. Consult the locals or … Read more

I believe you will love Corn Smut Cuitlacoche

corn smut cuitlacoche

Corn smut Cuitlacoche (Kweet-lah-ko-chay) or Huitlacoche is a black fungus that infects corn fields. This fungus makes the kernel bulbous and swollen as they get filled with spores. A silver grey spore mass, black on the inside when ripe, cuitlacoche is a soil-borne organism that grows on the corn kernels themselves and is known as … Read more

What are singju recipes?