Manipuri Chakhao – Value Addition of Aromatic Black Rice


Manipuri chakhao or Black rice from Manipur is now available across India. This variety of rice is found growing in different states of India.

As one cannot compare the taste of Himachal apples with those of apples grown in Bihar. Similarly, you cannot enjoy the taste of original Manipuri chakhao with those growing in the fields of Uttar Pradesh.

Black rice is available online and sells for around Rs 250 – 400 per kilograms. Some were claimed as organically grown and some were natural. Whatever the branding, when you chance upon this black rice from Manipur, do not forget to ignore it.

Buy the indigenous rice of Manipur, Manipuri Chakhao which has different varieties ranging from Chakhao Poreiton, Chakhao Amubi etc.

Aromatic Black Rice in India is not a forbidden rice

In India, black rice is selling with a tagline “Forbidden rice”. This sounds absurd. The black rice is the forbidden rice in Chinese civilization.

The value of black rice is so important. Only the Emperor and the royal families have to eat this black rice in other countries. However, in Manipur we all are eating since 2000 years ago.

The term forbidden rice for the black rice is unnecessary and misleading.

Where to buy the original Manipuri Chakhao?

Black rice from Manipur are available online. If you want the genuine real Chakhao from Manipur, you may contact me. I will provide the naturally grown black rice at the best price. Locally we are selling black rice for rs 180-200 per kilograms.

We will provide the best black rice for Rs 200-250 per kg. If you want to buy online, you can try for Amazon. They are also selling black rice from the South India.

Value Addition of black rice from Manipur

We can make Chakhao Kheer, Chakhao Cake, Chakhao Gula, Chakhao Wine, Chakhao Tan and Chakhao biscuit. Nowadays, many products are available in the local market.

The latest trends in value addition of Manipuri Chakhao is the Chakhao tea. The black rice is a special dish in every Meetei events.

The value addition of black rice products are now available online as well. Try for the Chakhao Gula, Chakhao Wine and Chakhao Tea.

Health benefits of Manipuri Chakhao

Black rice is rich in anti oxidant. It contains higher vitamin and mineral than both white and brown rice. Manipuri chakhao owes its color to powerful natural black coloring pigments called anthocyanins which boast an impressive antioxidant activity adding to the health benefits of this rice variety.

Besides, it is a good source of vitamins E, fiber and protein. Aromatic black rice helps to reduce inflamation levels in the body.

Regular consumption of Manipuri chakhao helps in the prevention and management of ailments such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, arthritis, allergies, aging and cancer diseases.

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