About Us

Naorem Mohen is a full-time blogger, natural farmer, and entrepreneur dedicated to promoting Manipur’s black rice Chakhao, local beverages, and edible mushrooms.

Singju Online team has been associated with the Food and Beverage industries since 2005. We were working for efenbe, a business intelligence journal for the food, beverage, and hospitality industry in India.

In Singju Online, we are trying our efforts to share food recipes, and tips and narrate stories to our food and beverage lovers. Singju Online is not another food blog. We study, research, and inform our readers.

Singju Online is a niche market in the Food and Beverage industries. Our domains will be B2B and B2C sectors.

In short, we are a new kid on the block. Singju Online challenges the food and beverage business to adapt to a world of transparency by adopting new ways. Meeting the needs of stakeholders and operating with openness and integrity.

We are straightforward in our blog and inform our readers about the healthy wealthy lifestyle. For this, we need good food, healthy food, and safe food. We will try to cover all these in our Singju.

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