Do You Know Benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmospheric Packaging of Strawberry

Do you know Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of fruits and vegetables? The MAP can be used in meat preservation as well. We will discuss the benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging of foods. The concept of MAP is that the normal composition of air is changed or modified within a package as the product respires. This … Read more

How to Keep Fresher and Longer Food For Delivery

how to keep products fresh

Sometimes, fresh vegetables and fruits got stuck in logistics. While delivering food, we need to check its freshness and self-life as well. We will discuss how to keep fresher and longer food for delivery. I tried to order white button mushrooms for supply from other cities which will take 4-6 days. The supplier was optimistic … Read more

Can You Identify Edible Mushroom Grown in the Wild

Uchan Karong

Mushrooms are tasty fungi. But the question is can you identify edible mushrooms grown in the wild? Some are edible but most of them are poisonous. Every year, many have lost their lives or even been hospitalized after consuming such mushrooms. If we are not 100 percent sure, don’t touch them. Consult the locals or … Read more

Future of E paper as Smart packaging in Food Technology

ksw microtec helps in monitoring temperature

Packaging is one of the sectors where the “smart” applications are of serious interest, among the totality of the retail production chain. E-paper as Smart packaging in food technology seems to be interesting in this context. This is because it concerns the potential of the prevailing printing methods and processes to print the new substrates … Read more

Value Addition of Food Packaging for High End Branding

value addition of packaging

Today’s food and beverage industries can’t neglect the importance of packaging industry. Value addition of food packaging is vital for high end branding and stands out in the market. Alerting market competition compels food companies to search for innovative and efficient packaging. Maintaining product quality, protection against damage and displaying brands are basic role of … Read more

Do You Know Freeze Chilled Foods Are Better Quality

Freeze chilled foods are future in food avenue

The ready-to-eat food market has grown significantly over the last decade. The freeze-chilled foods sector is experiencing the most dynamic growth. It is expected that the global frozen food market will reach US$ 366.3 billion by 2026. Further, it is projected to reach US$ 404.8 billion by 2027. The frozen food market size in India … Read more

Do you know Nano Food packaging can alert food quality

Nano food packaging will give consumer fresh quality foods

After Genetically Modified foods, it is now Nano food packaging. Nanotechnology in food become a prominent avenue in the food industry. Nanotech foods are useful in applications ranging from smart packaging to interactive foods. Most of the World’s largest food and drink corporations are conducting research and development on nano-scale technologies. Big food companies like … Read more

Warning: Get rid of Trans Fats from your Diet

The food we eat today contains various items like proteins, carbohydrates, glucose and fats. And among the fat, there is a special category known as Trans Fats which is very harmful for our body. We must get rid of Trans Fats from our diet. This harmful Trans Fats are formed during hydrogenation. Process of hydrogenation … Read more

How to dry foods naturally and store nutritiously

how to dry foods

Drying is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. We can dry foods naturally which are high in fibre, Carbohydrates and low in fat. Such a method keeps the food at the best nutritional value, making them healthy food choices. Drying preserves foods by removing enough moisture from food to prevent decay and spoilage. … Read more

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