Value Addition of Food Packaging for High End Branding

Today’s food and beverage industries can’t neglect the importance of packaging industry. Value addition of food packaging is vital for high end branding and stands out in the market.

Alerting market competition compels food companies to search for innovative and efficient packaging. Maintaining product quality, protection against damage and displaying brands are basic role of packaging.

Competitions among market players shaped the packaging industries into a new, innovative consumer friendly and advanced sectors within short duration.

Consumer choices are taken into consideration while processing and packaging foods and beverage products.

Moreover, packing is becoming one of the most important tools to create sales and building the brands in store.

Why value addition of food packaging now

The opening of food retails and malls expedite the presentation of foods in the best possible way. Food and Beverage packaging now needs a highly sophisticated technology due to high rate of competitions as well as promising future.

A potato chips sold in local market could sell hardly at Rs 10 per 100 grams. However, the same potato chips if wrapped inside a beautifully designed package will sell at Rs 50 in food mall or high end market.

Consumer opt for good packaging food items

This is market trends. When you want to compete with your competitors, you need to present your food products in an innovative way.

Indian Food packaging trends

India’s food packaging front is not a satisfactory one as compared to manufacturing and processing sectors. While bigger brands are able to use advanced packaging techniques, smaller players could not satisfy customers. Mainly due to improper and unscientific technology.

Despite this, innovation in value addition of food packaging is moving now. Packaging industry in India is still growing and the market is dominated by flexible packaging formats.

With Indians becoming more health conscious, there is also a move towards packaged, branded products rather than the unpacked formats.

Even a common man is becoming more conscious about the quality of water, calorie intakes etc. Thus, increasing health consciousness also proves good for packaging industries.

A roadside water which earlier sells for Rs 1 per glass now changes to packet water or bottled water which is costly. But, consumer are preferring the packed water.

When everyone of selling packed bottled water, here comes the value addition of the packaging which outsmart other competitors.

Innovative packaging US and other Countries

Green packaging is one technology coming up in US and other Western Countries. This new technology is developed by EarthShell, an environmental packaging developer.

It offers unique and significant advantages compared to traditional food service disposable packaging.

EarthShell products are made primarily from natural limestone and starch extracted from potatoes, wheat or corn. Consumers are eager to buy these environmentally preferable products at competitive price.

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