Do you know the changing food trends in Market

Do you feel like the last one to know the changing food trends in Market? If you are the last one to know the trends affecting your customers, you are running yourself out of the business.

overweight in US is a serious health issue met by food companies

Your customers are changing. That is a guarantee. They are changing their lifestyle and their preferences. Some customer want everything sugar-free and low carb.

More than one-third of the Americans are overweight. Two years ago, the prevalence of Obesity was 42.4 per cent. Around 17 per cent of American kids below 19 years are obese.

According to World Health Organisation, 30-70 percent adults in Europe are overweight.

By 2040, around 30 percent Indian adult men will be overweight and 27 per cent adult women will be overweight.

Changing food trends in Market and health issues

Majority of your customers are fighting a battle with overweight and obesity. And you can assured the rest of them are sensitive of their food habits as well.

Most people who are dieting fall within the age group of 25 to 54 years old, while the greatest percentage falls within 35 to 44 years bracket.

These consumers will try to lower their Carbohydrates intake and you as a food company have more than a trend, you have a movement for low Carb diet.

So how do you satisfy these overweight customer? Offer low Carb versions of everything, but don’t compromise flavor.

Customers who are watching their weight, sugar and carb intakes are already depriving themselves in so many ways. Help them to feel as normal as possible by giving them same choices as everyone else.

What is your offering in the new food trends

In terms of variety, you can offer flavored coffees. Also, most low-carb diets restrict caffeine, so make sure that you have decaf options in your food menus.

You can also offer sugar free, low-carb blended drinks as well. Choose neural bases, which allow you to create multiple flavor options.

Also consider iced coffees, teas, and cocoas. And get smart on the low-carb movement. You may not be on a low-carb or sugar free diet, but research shows most of your consumers are.

What is the changing food trends in the Market in 2020

You will be asked to sell low sugar chocolates. Your competitors like Nestle and Cadbury have already started selling less sugar chocolates. This is a big revolution in Chocolate segments.

Customers also wanted to buy unpackaged products. They want to see the inside. Often packaged fruit juices are found in very bad conditions. So, customer are smarter in 2020!

Last but not the least, plant based proteins is the choice for the 2020 civilizations. From US to Asian market, customers are looking for the best plant based proteins. A meat free diet is the ultimate choice for future!

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