What is Singju and Why you need our Singju?

Singju is associated with the Meetei society. Singju is a delicious cuisine of the people living in the region. Singju (pronounced sing-zoo) is an ethnic recipe from Manipur.

Nowadays, Singju is fondly used in some neighboring states of Northeast India. Often served as a spicy side dish, it is also a popular as an afternoon or evening snack.

Thambou, Yongchak and Hawai maton recipe are mouth watering ones! Nowadays festivals are organised to promote this indigenous culture in Manipur.

It can be served in various form. Here, anything and everything can be added. Our blog is also like this delicious dishes. Readers can get the opportunity to read every topics on Food and Beverage industries.

Singju Online is providing wide range of articles and topics selected from Food and Beverage industries. It will cater to the food niche.

Like Singju serving many purpose and different people,this blog is committed to serve different readers on various topics.

Why you need this Blog? Singju Online is a niche market of Food and Beverage industries. Our focus areas will be local foods, food market, both B2B and B2C related ideas.

You will get the right information to be shared among your peers and enjoy a good time browsing our articles. These are curated and selected to serve you in our best level.

We would try our best to represent the topics which would help our readers healthy, wealthy and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. And hope to provide the best articles to our readers.

What are singju recipes?