Try Usoi Ooti of Manipur |Bamboo shoot recipe

Steps to prepare Usoi Ooti

Usoi Ooti is not a new recipe to bamboo shoot lovers. The young tender shoot of Bamboo has been eaten all around the world. There are several value addition products of Bamboo shoots. When to harvest Usoi/Bamboo shoots? Some prepared the Soibum (fermented bamboo shoot),some made cookie biscuit and pickles. The Manipuri Usoi Ooti which … Read more

Lafu Tharo Paknam: How To Bake Banana Flower

lafu tharo paknam

Lafu Tharo paknam is one of the favorite cuisine of Meetei. Today, this banana flower-baked food is popular among every communities living in Manipur. Lafu tharo paknam is also found in other South East Asian countries. The ingredients and the procedure of paknam are almost same. We can get kanglayen paknam, khajing paknam, nga paknam … Read more

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