Best Recipe of Paan Eromba With Fresh Tengnoumanbi


When you feel like eating in a Meetei home, you will definitely wish to have eromba and singju. There are different types of eromba. Most popular among them is paan eromba, singju eromba and lafu eromba.

Similarly, in singju vareity, you can taste, yongchak singju, thambou singju, lafu tharo singju, heibi mana singju and hawai maton singju. Today we will introduce you to Paan eromba and Tengnoumanbi.

The combination is very perfect during this season of September – October. Now, the market is flooded with both Paan (Arbi in Hindi and Colacasia in English) and Tengnoumanbi (Winged Beans). In fact both are native vegetables of Manipur.

How to prepare paan eromba?

Wash the paan (arbi) and peel off the outer skin just like we normally peel potato with a knife. Take some chillies, preferably dry ones to color the eromba. Cook the paan with 2-3 glass of waters in a pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes.

After cooling for few minutes, remove the paan from the pressure cooker. Mashed the paan along with little amount of water. Then prepare the Meetei fermented fish ngari.

Either roasted it in fire or steam it along with the paan in a separate container.

The best way to taste is to roast fermented fish Ngari in the fire. We can also add Ngamu leirou, a special dry fish. De bone the ngamu leirou.

Mash the fermented fish ngari, chillies, salt, ngamu leirou together in a sauce. Then add this preparation to the paan which was mashed before. Using a large spoon, mixed it well.

It depends on you to add little water in the mixture if you want watery Paan eromba. Else, you can finish the recipe by adding coriander leaves, onions and sliced U morok chillies for the taste and smell.

Then washed the fresh Tengnoumanbi and ready to eat as raw. Sometimes, Tengnoumanbi are sliced into pieces. However, it is best to try without slicing.

This is the simple Paan eromba with raw Tengnoumanbi recipe of Meetei community.

Health benefits of paan (arbi) and Tengnoumanbi (winged beans)

Winged beans contained high quantity of anti oxidants. This is helpful in maintaining skin. It also helps in preventing premature ageing as well.

Tengnoumanbi contains high dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein and Calcium .

Paan (arbi) is helpful in controlling diabetes, heart attack and hypertension. It also helps in managing weight loss and is a rich source of anti oxidants as well.

Paan is a low glycaemic food which slows down the process of breaking down of glucose in the liver. And contains resistant starch that is not easily absorbed and digested. This slows down the rise of blood sugar level and helps in combating diabetes.

Paan is a great source of dietary fiber which keeps us full for a long time and prevents high intake of food. A 100 gram of Paan contains 5.1 grams of fiber. Thus, it helps in weight loss.

The high fiber in Paan (arbi) reduces the cholesterol level in the body. Paan is a zero fat and zero cholesterol diet which helps in good healthy heart as well.

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