Hawaijar recipe | Paan Hawaijar Thongba

Hawaijar with U Morok

Hawaijar is a traditional fermented soy product originating from Manipur with a distinctive flavor and stickiness and has been consumed as a regular food in every home. In every Meitei household, Hawaijar is prepared for home consumption. Some are prepared on large scale for selling. To prepare these fermented soy products, small and medium-sized soybeans … Read more

How to Stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food

boost your immunity food

Covid 19 is pandemic. The world is fighting against Coronavirus. As per World Health Organisation instructions, we are following certain health safety. Today, we will study how to stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food. Using sanitizers to wash our hands and wearing masks along with maintaining social distancing is our bulletproof against Covid … Read more

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