Lafu Tharo Paknam: How To Bake Banana Flower

lafu tharo paknam

Lafu Tharo paknam is one of the favorite cuisine of Meetei. Today, this banana flower-baked food is popular among every communities living in Manipur. Lafu tharo paknam is also found in other South East Asian countries. The ingredients and the procedure of paknam are almost same. We can get kanglayen paknam, khajing paknam, nga paknam … Read more

Do you know Farming Ekai Thabi can Earn Rs 50000

Eshing Ekai Thabi

Do you know Ekai Thabi? Farmers are able to earn lots of money just by growing Ekai Thabi in wetlands. In Manipur, farming Ekai Thabi in a small pond can earn Rs 50000 per season. Water Mimosa is known as Ekai Thabi in Meeteilon. Some called it Eshing Ekai Thabi as well. Ekai Thabi is … Read more

How to Stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food

boost your immunity food

Covid 19 is pandemic. The world is fighting against Coronavirus. As per World Health Organisation instructions, we are following certain health safety. Today, we will study how to stay away from Covid 19 with perfect food. Using sanitizers to wash our hands and wearing masks along with maintaining social distancing is our bulletproof against Covid … Read more

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