Drag Queen’s Meals on Heels is the latest craze in the US


Drag Queen is delivering food to their fans. The Meals on Heels is making National news in the US. Why should we fear the ugly coronavirus!

The nightclub is bringing the people of San Francisco and nearby cities alive back. It is music and dance in the air.

Now people can order home-cooked food and drinks and enjoy the lip-syncing performance of the Queens and the Kings. Let us kick out the Covid 19 away from our life.

If you are not allowed to come out from home, the Queens are coming right in front of your home. But with social distancing. You order the food and drinks as usual. And also enjoy the performance of the artists.

This is the specialty of Meals on Heels. This could a game changer. Hope, every performers and food restaurants started globally. After all, it is service to humanity.

Meals on Heels Concept

The Meals on Heels was conceptualised by the Oasis owner D’Arcy Drollinger to entertain their fans and fellow artists. His fans need the entertainment to beat the Corona blues. Also his artists and performers need money.

Owner of Oasis said that this Meals on Heels food delivery system is a way to reconnect with their fans and followers in the City. The idea is a hit as the night club is dispatching food, cocktails and music to the fans. They could watch the live lip syncing performance of drag queens like Kochina Rude and Amoura Rude.

Besides food and music, it is a message to the World that the shows must go on. Covid 19 may kill people, but not the spirit of human civilizations.

Till now, more than 26 millions are infected with the virus, out of which 875k have lost lives. This covid 19 has attacked 6 millions Americans. Economy devastated and people are forced to stay in the homes.

Now, people wanted to fight the virus, running away from the virus will not help.

Healthy Foods, Lively Music at Meals on Heels

D’Arcy Drollinger and two of his friends Cindy Goldfied and Chef Willi Nordby started delivering healthy home cooked meals from Martha Avenue. The menu includes fresh pastas, baked goods and soups.

Priced at US$ 100 per order, it is not only good foods, but three-four minute of performances by Queen Drags.

The customer are re ordering the Meals on Heels. Some order came from individual. While few orders in groups. They enjoyed the food delivered by the artists along with the performances which they were missing since March.

The performance by Drag Queens are crowd pullers. But, social distancing was there and everything is fine in the show. Even though the Oasis is closed due to Corona pandemic, the customers begins to see their favorite Drag queens their lip syncing performance.

D’Arcy Drollinger thanks the people for their love and support. The performance was not minting money like before. But the support is a big help to the artists during pandemic.

Will Drag Queen get rid of the Corona virus

There is a fear psychosis among the people since Covid 19 is not ending. People don’t expect the pandemic will hide among us to attack daily. Majority of people have lost hope in fighting against this virus.

The lively performance by Drag Queen and the Meals on Heels is optimistic that the virus will end soon. The fight against the virus seems stronger. People are now waiting for a miracle.

The efforts of the performers need to be encouraged. They are also the frontline warriors.

Will D’Arcy and his team become the Pipe Piper of Hamelin who get rid of all the rats!

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