Warning: Get rid of Trans Fats from your Diet


The food we eat today contains various items like proteins, carbohydrates, glucose and fats. And among the fat, there is a special category known as Trans Fats which is very harmful for our body. We must get rid of Trans Fats from our diet.

overweight in US is a serious health issue met by food companies
Trans fat food can lead to obesity.

This harmful Trans Fats are formed during hydrogenation. Process of hydrogenation increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods containing these fats.

Trans Fats causes heart attack, strokes, diabetes and Cancer. It also raises levels of waxy cholesterol that clogs blood vessels and strips cholesterol.

Another researchers have connected Trans Fats to a broader range of health problems like insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes and possibly Cancer.

Foods containing Trans Fats

Fast Food: Most fast-food and family style chain restaurants cook fries, chicken and other deep fried foods in partially hydrogenated oil. This often comes in a solid block that is melted in the fryer.

They are slather margarine which is Trans Fats on griddles for pancakes and grilled sandwiches. To get an idea of how much Trans Fats is in the fast food, consider a KFC Original Recipe Chicken dinner. Before 7 years, the same product has 7 grams of Trans Fats, mostly from the Chicken and Biscuit.

Luckily KFC has started phasing out Trans Fats from their menu. They have get rid of Trans Fats from their products. KFC Corp. have started using zero trans fats oil made from Soybean for its Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken, Potato Wedges and some other menu items.

Baked Goods: This is the heaviest Trans Fats territory. Mos mass produced convenience and commercial bakery goods like cookies ad cakes have plenty of Trans Fats. Cakes and shortening based frostings from supermarket bakeries are particularly trans heavy.

Chips and Crackers: Manufacturers pumps crackers with full of shortening to keep them crisp and crunchy. Even crackers labelled “reduced fats” can still have Trans Fats. Watch for anything fried, like potato chips and corn chips, as well as buttery crackers. These are fully loaded with harmful Trans Fats. Kids should stay away from such chips.

Spreads, Sauces and Mixes: Margarine can be pure Trans Fats. There are some Trans Fats free spreads in the market and increasingly labelled as such. Watch dips, whipped out for high Trans Fats levels in non dairy creamers, Hamburger and flavored coffees.

Unexpected Places: Breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, energy bars, tortillas, microwave popcorn, fish sticks or breaded frozen foods all contains Trans Fats. Frozen foods like pot pies, frozen pizzas and other entrees, even if labelled as lower in fats, are often made with Trans Fats.

Very high levels of Trans Fats can be found in packaged instant noodles and soup cups.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose foods which are low in both saturated and Trans Fats as part of a healthy diet. Get rid of Trans Fats from your diet and live healthy and wealthy!

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