Secrets of Feng Shui Kitchen for nourishment of foods

Feng Shui is an intuitive art. Designers and decorators claim that they feel positive energu called chi. In Feng Shui kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity.

It is human nature to associate food and nutrition with nurturing and sustenance. And Feng Shui is as old as 3000 years. Yet, a growing number of architects and decorators are integrating Feng Shui ideas with contemporary design.

Hotels and restaurant architects who incorporate this Oriental philosophy are not guided by intuition alone. The ancient art prescribes lengthy and complex rules that may strike modern hotel owners as quirky.

For example, restaurant should not be built at the end of a dead end road. Round pillars are better than square. Ceilings should be high and well-lit.

In Feng Shui Kitchen, door should not face the stove. The reason being person working at a stove may instinctively want to glance back at the door. This creates a feeling of uneasiness, which can lead to accidents.

Feng Shui Kitchen design

Feng Shui tells exactly how the design and decoration of kitchen influence ones’ prosperity and health as well.

First thing t consider when looking at the kitchen is its placement in terms of the whole restaurant. We cannot always decide where each corner in a restaurant or Bar will be in relation to the others.

But, if you are working with new construction or doing extensive renovations, ideally Feng Sui Kitchen will be in the back of the restaurant, at least behind the centre line.

If such kitchen is in front of your restaurant, don’t panic. Use this as an opportunity to get creative. Try hanging sheer or beaded curtains over the kitchen door.

Another idea is to provide something delightfully eye catching across a hall or in a vestibule near the kitchen. That way, attention is diverted from the busy kitchen.

How to design the Chef’s space

It is very important for the chef to be in a commanding position when at the stove. They should be always able to clearly see the doorway without turning away from their stove.

Some Consultants recommends Feng Shui Kitchen simple solution. Hang something reflective, such as a mirror or a shiny sheet of decorative aluminium, over the stove.

The reflective surface can be of any size, but the bigger it is, the more powerful the correction will be!


In any room, fluorescent lights do not promote good health. They are constantly flickering, affecting the eyes and nervous system. And can cause hypertension, eyestrain and headaches. However, they do serve a purpose, as they provide bright light at low cost.

A perfect example of such Feng Shui Kitchen can be seen at The Line in Shangri-La in Singapore. They have a brand new lifestyle restaurant, leading a new trend of theatrical dinning, appealing to dinners’ visual, aural, olfactory and oral senses.

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