Best Foods to Eat by Diabetes Patients During Covid


Country with high diabetes patients is heavily attacked by Covid 19. This is not a coincidence. Doctors around the world are alerting diabetes patients to take precautions. We will discuss some foods to eat by diabetes patients.

USA, Brazil, India, and Russia have more Covid 19 casualties. And these countries have the highest number of diabetes patients in the World. Of course, China is also on the list.

However, careful precautionary measures of the Chinese government have controlled Covid 19 in China.

As per the latest report of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) top 5 country with high diabetes patients are

China: 109 million
India: 69 million
USA: 29 million
Brazil: 14 million and
Russia: 12 million

Except China, the remaining 4 countries are most affected by Covid 19. In UK, 1 in every six people are diagnose with diabetes.

As the above figure suggest, India will have highest number of casualties if corona virus is linked to diabetes type 1.

Many studies concluded that diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and hypertension pose a greater risk of mortality in COVID-19 patients. And persons above 60 years are at risk.

Complete lockdown and restricted movement of people is another problem for diabetes patients who are in constant need for healthcare facilities. The daily insulin injections and routine check up of patients must be considered.

Family of diabetes patients must keep the medicine in stock in case of emergencies. However, pharmacies and hospitals are closed due to Covid 19 and supply of medicines are limited.

What we can do during this pandemic is we should give proper homemade food and medications which are found around us. Country with high diabetes patients must provide special attention thereby reducing the fatalities.

Unfortunate news for Country with high diabetes patients is that as per World Health Organisation, coronavirus pandemic could be over within 2 years. It means the virus will not go away easily.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was briefing the media that the virus has killed around 8 lakh people and infected 23 millions worldwide.

What Foods to Eat by Diabetes Patients During Covid 19?

Diabetes patients need starchy high fiber food like oat, wholemeal bread, peas, beans and lentils. They should also east lot of fruits and vegetables which provide soluble fibers and vitamins.

Diabetes patients must cut down sugary sweetened soft drinks, cakes, and of course chocolates. Intake of salt is also recommended.

Country with high diabetes patients must also arranged such diets for the patients as there is no medicine to cure Covid 19. Only healthy food will keep the diabetes patients strong during Covid 19 attack.

Let us pray Country with high diabetes patients fight against the pandemic by protecting people from Covid 19. The fight is going to continue. Even though reports of vaccine against Covid 19 are undergoing trials, we must take care of patients.

Pregnant women also need special attention during Covid 19. High chances developing gestational diabetes among pregnant women is also risky. Proper medications and health care facilities must be provided to them.

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