Homemade immune booster food to fight Covid-19

No medicine is available in the market to fight Covid-19. We have to stay healthy and strong. For this, we need to eat good food and keep the immune system strong. Today, we will discuss homemade immune booster food to fight Covid-19.

In every home, we find honey, ginger, tulsi and black pepper. Out of these four, even honey and ginger is enough to make a strong immune booster.

Boil two cup of water. When 3 minutes, pour some slice of ginger in the boiling water. Add 2-3 piece of black pepper as well. If you have tulsi leaves, you may add now. And then keep in the flame for 5 minutes.

After boiling for 5 minutes, keep the ingredients to cool down. When it is cool, put one tablespoon of honey in it and stir it to mix well. Now, we got a powerful homemade immune booster food to fight Covid-19. Take twice daily. This is the best homemade immune booster food.

In case we don’t have these easily available raw materials, we can simply buy a Tulsi drop which is sell in the market. Take 2-3 drops everyday.

Pumpkin is immune booster food

During Covid-19 pandemic, we must get rid of cold sores. A balanced diet can also help in boosting the immune system of our body. We must take food which are rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc


During this season, vegetables like Carrot and Pumpkin are grown. Also fruits rich in Vitamin C are easily available. Pumpkin seeds is rich source of Zinc. When our body lacks zinc, immune system weakens. We must eat Pumpkin.

We must cut down alcohol and caffeine. There is rumour that Corona virus can be get rid off by taking alcohol. Alcohol are used mainly to sanitize our hands. Don’t drink alcohol.

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