Do you know Sprout Bean Hangover Soup of Korea


There are many traditional ways of getting rid of hangover. Korean ancient sprout bean hangover soup is one of them.

sprout beans hangover soup are popular in Jeonju
Sprout beans hangover soup are popular in Jeonju.

If there are two dishes for which the Southwestern city of Jeonju, the so called Capital of Korean cuisine, is famous, they are Kongnamul haejangguk and bibimbap.

The latter one is known to International food lovers. However, the first one is still little known to the Outside World. You should never leave this Kongnamul once you know that the soup is a relief for hangover.

Nothing settles the stomach and generally puts the world right after a late night hangout out like a nice bowl of warm Kongnamul haejangguk of Korea. This bean sprout hangover soup is different from Chinese hangover soup.

Kongnamul haejangguk is a rich, brothy soup made from bean sprouts along with rice, kimchi, scallions, garlic and beef stock. This haejanggjuk recipe is served in a heavy earthen pot.

Diners will often add salt, garlic, chilli powder, scallions and fermented shrimp or other condiments to the soup too. Kongnamul guk is often served with a cup of moju, a “hair of the dog” concoction made by boiling makgeolli, cinnamon, sugar and wheat flower.

How to prepare sprout bean soup hangover?

Make a broth using dried anchovies and set aside. Add thinly slice kimchi, red and green peppers, and scallions. Then add chop squid into chunks and blanch. After few minutes, add bean sprouts to the anchovy broth.

Now, season with salted fermented shrimp, soy sauce and salt. Keep boiling for sometimes.

Top the anchovy with prepared kimchi, peppers, scallions and squid. Then crack an egg into small bowl and let it cook in a hot-water bath.

Serve egg with the sprout bean soup.

Where will you get this sprout bean hangover soup?

Jeonju is renowned for the quality of its bean sprouts or Kongnamul. During the haydays of Joseon kingdom (1392-1910), the city was the political and commercial hub of Southwest Korea. The city was widely praised for its farming abundances.

In Jeonju, bean sprouts were considered one of the City’s ten delicacies. Originating from the nearby region of Imsil, this sprout beans are said to resemble a rat’s eye, so are sometimes known by “rat’s eye beans”.

Benefits of sprout beans

In addition to being an excellent source of protein, this bean sprouts are also effective in preventing heart diseases, various forms of cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Bean sprouts are also rich in asparaginic acid. It helps to protect the liver by stimulating alcohol dehydrogenases, enzymes that break down alcohol, a toxin.

That is the reason sprout beans are a common recipe in a hangover remedies.

Visit Korea and stay in Jeonju

When you visit Korea, don’t miss this Kongnamul haejangguk. Jeonju is a beautiful town blessed with great food, pleasant surroundings and artistic , highly cultured people.

You don’t need to worry about where to find this sprout bean hangover soup in Jeonju.

The restaurants are open in the early morning hours, just when a bowl of warm Kongnamul haejangguk is most in need to keep the hangover away.

This is the best way to end a late night out!

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