Best Reasons For Buying Ready to Eat Frozen Paratha

If you are away from home and missed the warm homemade cooked food, what will you do? Don’t curse yourself! Ready-to-eat foods are flooding the Indian market. Ready-to-eat frozen Paratha is one of them.

Mouth-watering aloo paratha can be prepared within 5-10 minutes. The fast-moving lifestyle is not ready to wait for 1 or 2 hours in cooking. We need instant foods ready to serve at our table. In this situation, ready-to-eat frozen foods are blessings.

The quality of the frozen foods is also great and we can track the nutrients present in the sealed packet as well. Office-going Indians will find it the best choice for snack times during office hours.

A hot paratha from the office microwave oven is far better than the oily foods from some dhabas for the health conscious staffs.

You don’t need to go out for Paratha. Ready to eat Paratha are selling in Halidram stores nearby you.

Reasons to buy ready to eat frozen paratha

If you are missing the tasty paratha made by mother, this frozen paratha will help you. The taste are not different from the home made paratha.

The quality of puff paratha remains the same. You can carry anywhere and eat anytime, without much effort.

Frozen paratha are easy to prepare and does not take time like traditional home made paratha. Yes, you might miss the homely paratha from the packet ones!

Unlike other food items, you can order frozen paratha online in India. Some of the frozen paratha brands in India are MTR Foods, Halidram, ID Fresh Food.

How to prepare ready to eat frozen paratha?

When you are ready to eat the paratha, first defrost the paratha by removing it 30 – 50 minutes in advance.

Heat the pan before frying the paratha. When the pan is warm, placed the paratha and warm it. You can add butter or ghee of your choice.

Another method is to microwave it for a minute.

Some ready to eat frozen paratha have placed butter paper in between the paratha. Do not forget to remove them while cooking in the oven.

Frozen foods market in India

The frozen Foods industry has touched Rs 87 billions in 2019. It is further poised to reach a value Rs 188 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of around 17 per cent from 2019 to 2024.

Consumers are gradually becoming more and more self-awareness about the frozen foods. The ready to eat foods got advantage of its easy availability and high quality.

Some of the frozen foods players in indian market are McCain Foods, Venky’s, Godrej Tyson Ltd., Mother Dairy, Hyfun Foods, Al Kabeer Group etc. More new companies are foraying in this segments.

As per Red Seer Consulting , it is estimated that Ready to Eat Market is expected to reach Rs 4800 crore by 2024.

Invest in the ready to eat frozen food

For any new investors who are planning to become frozen paratha wholesale or suppliers in India, it is right time to invest into frozen foods segments.

Major FMCG players like ITC are entering Frozen Foods. They have already expanded their offerings in the frozen foods space to more than 102 cities across Pan India.

Frozen foods is giving a huge profit for several companies in India.
CEO and Co Founder of ID Fresh Food is optimist that the company will become 1000 crore company within 3 years. Their ready to eat frozen paratha, idli batter and packed mithai is doing a great business in the last few years.

MTR Foods is also fortunate to get 200 per cent growth rate over the last few months due to high demands in market.

GST on ready to eat frozen paratha

Recently the Central government has decided to levy 18 per cent GST on frozen paratha or parota.

The Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) has declared that an 18 per cent GST will be levied on wheat packaged parathas and malabar parathas which are sold in frozen packs.

As reported in Zee News, the Government sources said that debate on frozen packed parathas is not necessary as they are branded packs which are sold at a high price.

Besides, the parathas are frozen and it increases the shelf life to 3-7 days. So, consumers should not mind the hike in prices of ready to eat frozen parathas.

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