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For those who want to become Farmers as a career, the door is wide open in Hydroponic Farm. This is a new technology in food production. Rumor is that Hydroponic farms are very costly and only for wealthy investors. We are introducing you to low-cost Hydroponic Farm.

This new trends in food production came from the West. The United States and other developed countries are growing lettuce and other vegetables for their fast lifestyles.

Farmers in the US and Canada adopted this hydroponic farm since the land are very costly. Even if they have enough wealth, the increasing populations demand for housing and residential place needs more lands.

In this situation, where will they grow vegetables and other crops. They started the hydroponic farms in a small space on their building terraces and inside the room.

The technology reached India. Everyone is following Hydroponic Farm, copying the US farmers. Here, we are growing the same crops and same methods.

However, we will introduce some new technologies and crops which will suit the Indian market. Don’t just blindly follow the wealthy farmers of America or Europe. We should follow our own farming technology.

What is Hydroponic Farming?

As the name suggest, it is water based farming. No soil is used in this technology of farming. The water is used along with nutrients which is directly supply to the plants.

Benefits of hydroponic farming is that you save water. Normally a farm which requires 200 litres of water for cropping in traditional farming will need only 20 litres of water in Hydroponic farming.

The PVC pipe set up is the cheapest one available in India. Some companies are also selling NFT which are a bit costly.

We don’t need to worry about those weeds which are a mess in normal farming. Also, the labor cost is drastically cut down.

Before we continue, here are some of our previous post on Food safety and Technologies. We bet you might get additional information after reading the articles.

Cost of Hydroponic Farm in India

In India, reputed firms are selling complete set for Hydroponic Farm around Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 60 lakhs per acre size of land. If you want to add the polyhouse or green house type above your farm, then it will be around Rs 90 lakhs to Rs 1 crore.

That is why we are saying Hydroponic Farming is for the wealthy investors who want to foray into food sector. A normal farmer cannot start the new technology. They have to depend on traditional method of food production.

One thing is sure, the way money is invested in Hydroponic farming is wise investment. The Return on Investment is so huge that, a Hydroponic farmer can earn crores of rupees within 2-3 years.

Before we start Hydroponic Farm on large scale, we can try the small mini low cost Hydroponic farm now. Amazon is selling such set up online. We can buy a small low cost hydroponic farm for 54 plants at just Rs 19,000.

This is one time investment, we can reuse again and again and get back our investment amounts within a year. If you like to try, go for it.

Benefits of Hydroponic Farming

Plants grow faster and yield is also double in Hydroponic Farming. A crop which takes 60 days to mature takes only 30 days. So we have the possibility of two times harvesting in the same set up.

A soil based traditional tomato farming will earn Rs 4-5 lakhs from his one acre of farm, after fighting with pest, weeds and other weather conditions.

However, in a Hydroponic farm, the same farmer will earn Rs 30-40 lakhs. This is the main reason many farmers are choosing Hydroponic Farming.

The global demand for organic food is also easily supply by this farming. Since we can manage what types of nutrients are to be used in our hydroponic farm, we can grow our vegetables organically.

Some of the crops we can try in this technology are tomato, potato, cucumber, lettuce, strawberry and various other leafy vegetables. We can try for fruits like lemon too.


If you really want low cost Hydroponic farming, you may connect with Acqua Farms Rahul Dhoka. This Chennai based Entrepreneur is helping farmers across the Country, giving training and providing low cost set ups.

You can get 24 planters for your small terrace farming and even get 1000 planters as per your need.

Hydroponic Farm is the future of Food Technology. We can do fish farming along with Hydroponic farm in aquaponic farming as well. In next blog, we will discuss about aquaponic farming which is also helpful to the hydroponic farmers.

It will be wise to join the new trends and become a smart farmer.

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