Best Way to Make Canned Pineapple at Home

You can try to make canned pineapple at home. It is simple and very tasty. In the US market, pineapples are selling at US$ 2-7 per piece. I think this is a bit expensive.

The price of Pineapple in my hometown is Rs 10 per piece. In Manipur, both Kew and Queen varieties of pineapple are available. We can get 7-10 pieces of pineapple for Rs 100 here.

Farmers are facing a lot of problems in selling this fruit in the local market. Some traders have started sending pineapple to other Indian cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Bangalore.

For those who could not sell their pineapples in the market, the best way is to make canned pineapple at home.

These days, Amazon is selling canned pineapple at Rs 165-190 per kg. If you want fresh and juicy ones, you can buy from here as well.

How to preserve canned pineapple at home?

Buy the best and ripe pineapples. Then peel off the outer cover and the spines. Also remove the core of the pineapple. The core are hard and we can use them to make pineapple juices. And added to the canned pineapple.

Depending on your usage and the storing capacity, you can either cut the pineapple into smaller pieces or slice round and round in a circular way.

how to make canned pineapple at home
Pineapple ready for canning.

There are two methods of canning pineapple in easiest way.

The first one is to can in raw form. You can boil the freshly cut pineapple and stored as hot. Alternatively, you can sun dried the freshly cut fruits and preserved it before canning.

Traditional method of canning pineapple is raw packed. Just cut the fruit and stored in a suitable can or containers. Add the juice prepared from core of the fruits.

You can boil the core and extract the juice from the core which is full of fiber. If you don’t want to work hard, you can just add some water as well.

In canning pineapple raw method, the color of the fruit changes and you might think the fruit is not safe. That is not the case. You can use it.

Reasons for the change of color is due to the presence of air within the cut fruits.

If you dried the fruits in the sunlight before canning, the air will decrease. In this method of packing, color will not change.

For canning in hot, simmer the pineapple along with the juice made from core of the fruits. You can use water as well. Keep it simmering for 10-15 minutes. Do not disturb the fruits.

Let it simmer. The excess air from the pineapple will go out.

This will make your canned fruit look fresh and color will remain the same. Store in a tightly closed lid and used it when the pineapple season is gone.

You can used the canned pineapple in your pizza, or grilling with your favorite meats or as a desserts.

Why I don’t prefer adding sugar or syrup in canned pineapple?

What is the use of adding sugar or syrup in pineapple. Pineapples are naturally the sweetest fruits. The sugar contents in the fruit itself is enough for our taste.

These days, everyone is searching for the sugar free diet and fruits. So adding syrup or sugar in the canned pineapple is unnecessary.

Sugars are added in making jelly or juices just to keep the fruit texture and color. If you don’t add sugar, your packed fruits will not spoil.

When you have natural sugars in the pineapple, why you need extra sugars. Taste the fruits in its natural way.

Try to avoid adding artificial sugars like saccharin and aspartame based sweeteners when canning.

These sweeteners turn bitter when processed. If your fruits are packed in water, you can add a little. But, when you have the freshly prepared juice from core of pineapple, why do you need water.

Market Scope

You can earn from selling canned pineapple in the local markets. You can get 3-4 pineapples for Rs 50 per kilograms. When you make canned pineapple at home, you will get Rs 150 per Kg.

This is three times of your purchase. You are going to make a huge income.

You don’t need any technology or chemicals to prepare canned pineapples. Nowadays, people are health conscious.

They prefer home made fruits rather than those available in the market.

You are providing sugar free freshly prepared canned fruits to your customers. So not worry about your pineapple which are left unsold during the season.

Try canning fruits natural way.

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