How to fight colds with homemade remedies?

homemade remedies to fight cold

There are several homemade remedies that can help relieve cold symptoms. A cold is caused by a virus and must be allowed to run its course. The best way to prevent a cold is to wash your hands frequently, avoid close contact with sick individuals, and avoid touching your face. Getting enough rest: Resting allows … Read more

Singju Festival 2022 at Marjing Polo Complex

Singju Festival 2022

The sixth edition of the 12-day-long Singju Festival 2022 will start from December 28 at Marjing Polo Complex, Heingang in Imphal East, Singju Yokhatpa Lup (SYOL) said. The SYOL said the Singju festival 2022 is being held to preserve and promote the indigenous food, culture and integrity of Manipur. The festival venue will have around … Read more

Hawaijar recipe | Paan Hawaijar Thongba

Hawaijar with U Morok

Hawaijar is a traditional fermented soy product originating from Manipur with a distinctive flavor and stickiness and has been consumed as a regular food in every home. In every Meitei household, Hawaijar is prepared for home consumption. Some are prepared on large scale for selling. To prepare these fermented soy products, small and medium-sized soybeans … Read more

Khajing Bora from Manipur | Prawn dumpling

Khajing from Loktak lake

Khajing bora or prawn dumplings is favorite recipe of Manipur. Bora or pakoda or dumplings are special recipes in Manipur. There are several types of Bora available in the local market, next to chengum bora (mushroom dumpling) Khajing bora (Prawn dumpling) is the costliest and tastiest one. When we talk of Khajing, we are often … Read more

What are singju recipes?